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Tow Truck Basics

Tow trucks are quite complicated. After all, they don’t just need to have the physical strength to tow a car, after all. Tow trucks function more by using special attachments on the car to secure it to the bed of the truck, with hooks and pins. This “tow” also raises the car off the ground, allowing it to be pushed or lifted into the waiting truck. It’s a much more efficient way of moving a vehicle, but it’s also more complicated than most people think.

One thing that people don’t always remember about these trucks, or that they overlook entirely when buying one for themselves, is that the tow truck itself is a pretty complicated machine. The basic body of a tow truck is made of aluminum and has powerful shocks to make sure that the vehicle isn’t damaged in the process of being towed. Additionally, tow trucks often come with very heavy-duty engines to provide the power to tow extremely heavy vehicles. 

Most towing systems use a special bracket system to secure the wheels. This is a simple system based mostly on axles, but there are other things used as well, including chains, winches, transmissions, and more. All of these things can cause damage if they’re not working properly, so it’s always a good idea to buy a quality tow vehicle to avoid any problems in the future.

-J&J Towing

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