Roadside Assistance – The Basics of Towing

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Road Side Assistance
February 4, 2022
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Roadside Assistance – The Basics of Towing

The first and most important step in towing is to make sure the vehicle is in neutral or front-wheel drive. This is because rear-wheel-drive cars will have their wheels attached to the driveline. This means that your car will be more difficult to maneuver and can cause more damage to your tow vehicle. Once you’ve placed the load in neutral or front-wheel drive, you can move it to the back. However, if you’re towing a trailer, you’ll need to reverse the process.

The weight of the towed load may have brakes. This means it will take more space to stop. To accommodate this, make sure you leave yourself enough space for slowing down and stopping. You might also want to give yourself a little more room for the tow vehicle’s brakes, because it will have to work harder to control the weight. And don’t forget to account for the difference between the GVWR and the dry weight of the towing vehicle.

Lastly, you need to make sure that you are getting the best deal for the towing service. The price for a tow truck’s services is only one of the many considerations for a customer. The other factor that makes it an excellent choice for you is the reputation of the tow company. A good towing company has a 100% close rate on incoming calls. And you need to make sure your tow driver is well-trained to handle any situation. If your looking for a towing company get in contact with J&J towing today.

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