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Ensure Your Truck is Winter-Ready with J&J Truck & Trailer Repair in Newport, MI. Expert care for safe and efficient winter journeys.


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Jasmine Moore

We were stranded and couldn’t seem to get any of the so called Roadside Assistance that these places offer. We were at our wits end until we called Dr. Phil (actual P. H.D) and his son Jason. They were in and out in less time than it took to actually find them online. He gave us an estimate and pretty much that i’s What it was! pricing was fair, work was Superb and the company was outstanding. It didn’t take long to get us up and back on the road.

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James Bailey

These guys were very professional. on time very efficient finished the job within 30 min and the quality was excellent

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Essential Truck Repair Services for Winter Preparedness in Newport, MI

Comprehensive Winter Check-Up and Maintenance

In Newport, MI, preparing your truck for winter is essential. At J&J Truck & Trailer Repair, we offer thorough winter check-ups and maintenance services. We start with a detailed inspection of your truck’s brakes, batteries, and tires. These components are critical for safe driving, especially under the challenging winter conditions of Monroe County.


Our team doesn’t stop at just inspection. We take proactive steps to ensure every part of your truck is winter-ready. We check your vehicle’s antifreeze levels, inspect the heating system, and ensure your lights are in perfect working order. This comprehensive approach is designed to prevent any unexpected issues during the colder months, providing you peace of mind.


Lastly, we provide expert advice on maintaining your truck throughout the season. Our experienced technicians in Monroe County share tips on regular checks you can perform to ensure ongoing safety and efficiency. With J&J Truck & Trailer Repair, you’re not just getting a service; you’re gaining a partner in winter truck care.

Experienced Professionals:

Our team at J&J Truck & Trailer Repair boasts years of experience in truck repair, particularly in dealing with winter-specific issues in Newport, MI.

Customer Satisfaction:

We prioritize customer satisfaction, ensuring every repair meets the highest standards and your specific needs in Monroe County.

24/7 Availability:

Understanding the urgency of truck repairs, J&J Truck & Trailer Repair offers round-the-clock service with our contact number, 313-999-3088, always available.

Advanced Engine and Heating System Repairs

At J&J Truck & Trailer Repair in Newport, MI, we understand the crucial role of a truck’s engine and heating systems during winter. Our advanced repair services are designed to keep these systems running smoothly. We begin with a comprehensive diagnostic to detect any underlying issues, focusing on common cold weather problems such as frozen fuel lines or battery failures.


Our skilled technicians then work diligently to repair any identified issues. This might include flushing and replacing engine coolants, repairing or replacing faulty thermostats, and ensuring your truck’s heater is functioning correctly. We use only the highest quality parts and fluids, ensuring your truck can withstand the harsh winter conditions of Monroe County.


Moreover, we provide ongoing support and maintenance advice. Our goal is to help you understand your truck’s needs during winter, ensuring you can confidently navigate the challenges of the season. Rely on J&J Truck & Trailer Repair for all your engine and heating system repair needs this winter.

Emergency Roadside Assistance and Support

At J&J Truck & Trailer Repair, we know that truck issues don’t always happen at convenient times, especially in winter in Newport, MI. That’s why we offer dependable emergency roadside assistance. Whether you’re facing a tire blowout, battery failure, or any other issue, our team is ready to help, day or night.


Our roadside assistance service is quick and efficient. Once you call our number, 313-999-3088, we dispatch our skilled technicians to your location. They come equipped with the necessary tools and parts to address most issues on the spot. This prompt response minimizes downtime and gets you back on the road as quickly as possible.


We also understand the unique challenges of Monroe County’s winter roads. Our team is trained to handle a variety of winter-specific truck issues, ensuring you receive knowledgeable and effective solutions. With J&J Truck & Trailer Repair, you’re never alone on the road. Our emergency assistance is always just a phone call away.

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Newport was first settled in the Michigan Territory as early as 1830 by the French, who named it Rivière aux Signes (Swan Creek). By 1836, several sawmills were built along the creek, and the name Newport came about due to its location near Lake Erie. In 1837 after the territory received statehood, the community became part of the newly organized Ash Township. In 1867, the eastern portion of Ash Township and Newport were reorganized into Berlin Township.

Newport is the location of St. Charles Borromeo Catholic Church, which was established in 1882 from an earlier church mission that was formed as early as 1838. The current church is located at 8125 Swan Creek Road at the intersection with North Dixie Highway. St. Charles Cemetery is located in Newport, and it consists of two separate cemeteries. The “old” St. Charles Cemetery was established in 1851, although it contains a grave dating back to 1802. This small cemetery is no longer active, while the current St. Charles Cemetery is located slightly north along North Dixie Highway.

The community of Newport received its first post office on August 16, 1836. The post office was discontinued on July 1, 1841 but reestablished soon after on August 16, 1842. The current Newport post office was opened on January 15, 1904 and remains in operation. In the early 1970s, the post office became a branch of the Monroe postal service.

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